“Where the legal profession is still a service business!”

Clients Deserve to Be Informed

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The Law Offices of Byron L. Taylor is a small, professional law office dedicated to the proposition that clients deserve to be informed:

  • about your rights
  • your on-going case details
  • the likelihood of success of your claims
  • the time-frame within which the case is likely to be resolved
  • the various methods available to expedite a favorable resolution on your behalf

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Our easily accessible law firm has been serving the clientele of Norfolk and Bristol County, MA for over 30 years with the same professional philosophy: build and sustain the practice on service to the client. Phone calls are returned religiously when the attorney is in court or otherwise unable to accept in-coming calls, usually the same day, and the attorney is readily accessible to clients to answer their questions and respond to their needs. Call us today at (508) 699-5622.

Areas of Practice

civil litigation
personal injuries
slips and falls
automobile accidents
medical malpractice
premises liability
dog bites
lead paint ingestion
business law
child custody
real estate
Attorney Byron L. Taylor is a member in good standing in all District, Probate, Housing, Land, Superior, Appeals, and Supreme Courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.

Our Goal

It is the goal of the Law Offices of Byron L. Taylor to zealously represent the claims of each and every client on an individual basis and to maximize each client's results through rigorous settlement negotiations and/or extensive trial preparation and clear and concise presentation, while never losing sight of the pain and suffering experienced by the client and his/her family. Call (508) 699-5622 today.

The Law Offices of Byron L. Taylor is sensitive to the fact that our clients, as a result of their injuries, have already gone through a very difficult ordeal; an ordeal, which frequently has shattered the very core of their lives and at a minimum, disrupted the daily routines of their families. We seek to assist our clients in a return to normalcy in their lives and to obtain for our clients the full compensation due under the totality of the circumstances. Reach us today at (508) 699-5622.
The material presented on the website of the Law Offices of Byron L. Taylor is intended for information purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice and should not be construed as such.